Quiz Attempts Not Recorded in LMS or SCORM Cloud

Apr 27, 2015

I have a course that is a 17 question quiz. The student can review and re-take the quiz and must pass the quiz to complete the course.  

I want to know how many times the student takes the quiz including any failed attempts. Our LMS (eLogic Essentials) has the capability to record the number of attempts at the quiz. However I tested my course in the SCORM cloud and after failing the quiz twice, only 1 attempt displays:

InsideView Corporate-1st Call Deck Assessment
Satisfied: unknown
Completed: false
Progress Status: true
Attempts: 1
Suspended: false
Activity Objective #1

Is there something I need to set up in Storyline to track the attempts? 


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jeanette,

Attempts are normally tracked and handled by the LMS, it's not an item set within the Storyline course. If passing the quiz is required to complete the course, could it be that your LMS isn't able to see that they've completed and therefore considering it all a part of the same attempt? You may want to begin by reviewing some general troubleshooting steps here in regards to tracking and reporting and than look to see if your LMS team has any information to offer. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jeanette,

I wanted to share a really great thread here, where Justin provides some additional information on the data that Storyline sends and how it's up to the LMS to interpret.  If you believe your course is not behaving as described, we'd want to have you take a look at enabling LMS debug mode and uploading the course to SCORM Cloud so that we could gather some more data.  You could also compare the debug logs from SCORM Cloud vs. your LMS to see what Storyline is sending to both. 

Jeanette Cereske

Hi Ashley,

I believe I shared that really great thread with you in another discussion on this topic - you even thanked me for it. :-)

For this specific issue, tracking attempts", debug mode and SCORM cloud are not useful because as Justin stated in the thread, "since I'm not aware that we send attempt information to the LMS". So it's not about the LMS or what it interprets - the simple fact is that Storyline does not send attempt information. Using the SCORM cloud or debug mode is actually a waste of time for this specific issue.

As I stated in my first post in this discussion I did test it in the SCORM Cloud and it shows only 1 attempt. When I did further research and came across Justin's post that explained why. The LMS can't track something it isn't receiving from Storyline.

I do hope that in a future release Storyline will send the attempts to the LMS since it is a useful piece of information for many of us and most LMS's can track it.

thanks, Jeanette


Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Jeanette.

Neither the SCORM 1.2 Specification nor the SCORM 2004 specification allows a course to tell a Learning Management System whether the learner is beginning a new attempt or resuming a previous attempt.  Since the content itself is incapable of storing the data it would need to make such a decision, the task of defining what constitutes an attempt resides solely with the LMS, and the Entry, Mode and Credit section of this article explains more about how the LMS actually tells the SCO whether the user is starting the SCO for the first time or if it is resuming a prior attempt.

Could Storyline force the LMS to begin a new attempt with a new set of run-time data on the next launch of the SCO by setting cmi.exit to normal at exit?  It absolutely could, but the reasons we've elected not to do so are explained here.

Good luck with your project, and have a great day!

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