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Jan 22, 2013

Our self-studies are composed of two contents, the self-study and the final exam.  Since using Storyline once the registrant finishes vieiwing the self-study and closes it, the final exam automatically launches.  Our LMS (Pathlore) allows the content to launch separately.  What do we need to do to have the two content pieces launch separately?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Denice. Welcome to the community! 

You mentioned your LMS allows the content to launch separately, how so? Are you trying to launch two different courses through a page on your LMS, or are you wanting the learner to continue through the course and see the final exam later in the course?

I'm apologize if I'm not understanding correctly. Can you give a little more information about how exactly you'd like to separate this? Or are you able to post an example of how you'd like to see this work?


Denice LeBard

Hi - thanks for getting back to me.  Our LMS allows us to add the self-study module and the final exam as two separate content objects.  When we used Articulate (not Storyline) if a person completed the self-study module, it would close and then they would click on the link to start the final exam.  Using Storyline, when a person completes the self-study module and closes it, the final exam automatically opens up.  It does not give them the option to come back to the final exam later after completing viewing the self-study module.  We would like to be able to have it how we set it up in Articulate.  Is there a setting we need to define in order for this to work?

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Denice,

By "Articulate" I'm assuming you mean Presenter or Studio? Correct? I'm guessing that you may have used a hyperlink to the slide that contained the final exam in Presenter, if that's the case.

It sounds like you have the self-study module being followed directly by the final exam in Storyline. Are you able to put a new slide and/or scene between the two? If so, you could either provide text (and make it look like a link) or a button and have that jump to the slide or scene with the final exam. 

Hopefully this makes sense and hopefully I'm understanding what you're trying to do. If not, any way you can share a link to the old presentation and the new? 


Denice LeBard

Hi - Yes, I was meaning Presenter.  I might not have been clear in the issue.  In Presenter when a person closed the self-study module, the final exam did not automatically opened up.  We were able to provide a separate linke for the final exam since it is a separate file.  Now in Storyline, the final exam is still a separate file from the self-study module, but when you close the module the self-study automatically opens up.  We do not want it to do that.  We want the same that occured in Presenter.

Christine Hendrickson


That really limits what I can do to help you, unfortunately. I noticed the person that shared the screenshots with you stated they're unable to post here. Are they able to contact us through a support case?

Here's the link:


If they're not able to, you may be able to submit a case on their behalf. When the case is opened, support will share a link that will allow them to upload the larger files that you're working with. Remember, though, it's not the published output that we need, simply the .STORY file. 


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