Help needed - final exam module scores NOT appearing in learners record in Cornerstone for SalesForce v 11

Dec 05, 2017

Hey guys, we have been noticing that with two of our final exam modules in some cases we are not seeing a score. We do see that they have passed the final exam and if I launch the module, I can not only see the score in the course but it will also show up in the learner's record. It seems to occur most frequently with people using Chrome and when the course launches in HTML 5. Also Europe is reporting the majority of these occurrences. 

When I say a course with a final exam module, I mean we have it set up like Module 01, Module 02, Module 03, Module n... Final Exam Module. This issue only occurs with the Final Exam Module and not any of the preceding modules even though each as a quiz at the end. 

I need your help in testing. I am going to follow this post with several attached quizzes. These are very simple modules made with Storyline 3. They simulate final exam type modules and once you start them they run on their own. Just launch, click next to start and close the tab when it reaches the end. Please post your results to this thread. 

Module 01 is the control. This has worked in all cases. Please run this one first. 

Module 05 represents a very large final exam with 12 question banks and 13 results slides. This should be enough to cause the issue to appear if it is going to. 

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