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Nov 26, 2014

Can anyone offer a solution to the challenge below? The learner must not access the course content, Post-test or Final Exam until the pre-test is complete and they have either passed or failed. If passed the learner will moved directly to the Final Exam. If Pre-test is failed, they must move through the course, take the post-test (pass or fail) and then move directly to the Final Exam. 


1.      A pre-test for each module, which, if passed at 100%, allows the learner to advance past the module.

2.      If the pre-test is not passed at 100%, the learner most review all of the content in the module and take the same questions in the post-test at the end of the module.

3.      A “final” test at the end of the last module 

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Emily Ruby

Hello Loran!

At the end of the pre test, using a results slide, you can have the Next button advance to the start of the Content slides with a condition set up that the built in variable Results.scorepercent is less than 100.

Then have the next button jump to the Final Exam slide on condition that the results.scorepercent is equal to 100%

Hope this helps!

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