Quiz Bookmarking error (?)

Jun 16, 2013

Hi! Not sure if a relevant thread has already been started regarding this. Anyway, here's the problem..

I have "Resume" enabled, as well LMS/Flash bookmarking. Everything is working fine, except on Quiz pages.

Let's say I have already gone through Quiz 1 and have passed it, then moved on to the next content page. I check the bookmarking on the menu and it is correct -- i.e., the Quiz page is now grayed out indicating that it has been viewed/completed. I exit the course, relaunch it, get asked if I want to resume from where I left off, I click "Yes". I am brought back to the last page I viewed. I check the menu and see that all my other viewed pages are still grayed out except for Quiz 1 (and all other quizzes I have completed prior to the last course exit). However, if I click on Quiz 1, it already shows the answers which indicates that I have indeed completed it previously.

Now my main question is, how do I fix this "bug" (if it really is a bug)? I need for the completed Quiz pages to stay grayed out, otherwise, my course completion gets messed up as well. :(

Additional info on quiz/exam behavior:

- The course has several quiz pages and one final exam.

- The final exam cannot be accessed/clicked from the menu unless the user finishes and passes all quizzes

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Christine!  Based on your questions, it seems that this is LMS related.  I would like to point you to some troubleshooting documentation related to this.  There are two blog posts that may benefit you.  The first is on publishing and then there is a general troubleshooting guide. Hopefully these will set you on the right track.

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