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Jan 12, 2017


I have created a 10-question question bank in Storyline 2 and 10 answer/discussion slides.  When the question is answered correctly, it branches to an answer/discussion slide.  My problem is that only the first question is branching after it is answered correctly.  When I click, next it goes to the discussion slides and not the questions.  My problem starts at slide 1.10.

When it look at the slide draw the questions are there and I have them branching to the correct discussion slide.  I have completely deleted the question bank and reentered it twice already and I get the same results.  Any help is greatly appreciated. 

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Kevin

see rough sample attached. I have only worked on first two quiz questions. 

I created a T/F variable for Q1 and Q2.  These variables are set on the relevant discussion slide for that question. The variables are then used in triggers on the quiz slides.

Hope that makes sense.

You will see a slight blip when timeline starts on the quiz slides as it is checking the triggers before moving to the correct slide.


Kevin Jones

Hello Wendy

I have applied the variables that you suggested, but now when I preview my project it now cycles through the questions without a pause.  I had your suggestion and what I was working on side by side and made sure I matched your variables, so I am again at a loss as to what is going on with Storyline 2 and why the bridging is not working the way "they" say it is supposed to.

I am missing something any help is appreciated.


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