Quiz Button restriction - need help before trail runs out PLEASE!!!!!

Nov 18, 2014


I need some help before my trail version of articulate storyline runs out. I am creating a e-learning course for my final year project at university. On my intro page i have a button that is linked to the quiz, however i want to add a restriction to the the button, that only allows the user to navigate to the quiz page until they have viewed the other pages first.

I have look at some other tutorials on this matter but they have not work. I have attached my file could someone please take a look. 

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Emily Ruby

Hello Nasieba!

You could have the button's state set to initial, then set the variables for each slide to change to true when they click back home, and have the button change state to normal ion condition that all the variables are set at true.

Looks as if you have all the variables set up, just need to add them to a trigger.


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