How do I restrict learners?

May 17, 2012

I know it may sound very stupid but I have created an interaction where one main page links to a few other sub pages. The learners must view all the linked sub-pages before they are able to move to the next page. But I am unable to create a restriction. How can do that? Please help.

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David Anderson

HI Dhurjati-

How are you setting up your initial interaction? Are you using slide layers or linking to slides? Depending on the types of content you're revealing, slide layers may be the most efficient option.

If you're using slide layers, you can evaluate the states of objects to ensure they're clicked (visited) before enabling the Next or Continue buttons.

Here are a few good tutorials  to get you going:

Katie Weaver

Annie Jean said:

Hi Katie,

To do so, make sure the properties of your slide is set to "Resume to saved state".

That way, if you have items "visited" or some sort of progression recorded, it will still be there.

Hope it helps and have a nice day!



Thank you for your response!  I believe I have done what you suggested, but for some reason, it won't let me go back at all now.  It acts like it wants to, but nothing happens.  I'm not sure if it has something to do with the triggers I have set or not.  I have attached the first few slides if you have time to take a look and give me your thoughts. 

Also, I was looking at another post you had several months back and had a question.  I have quoted it below for reference.  My question: would you mind providing a screen shot? I can't seem to find the estimated time on my Storyline project and would like to give my learners an idea of how long it will take.  Thank you!

Annie Jean said:

Hi Graham,

If you want a raw calculation of all the timelines, go to Publish, then launch the dialog box by clicking on the button at the end of the Title field. In that box, you will find a automatic calculation.

Hope it helps and have a nice day!


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