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I have a question with 4 options/answers. Once the user clicks on a question, they can no longer click on the remaining questions.

In the image above you can see the 5 states of the answer. I have inserted a check mark on the last state "Selected" and also grayed it out. This yields instant feedback which we wanted in our design.


However, there is a usability issue. Because the remaining  3 options/answers  are blue, the user will assume that they still have a choice to change and start clicking on the other buttons. I want to remove that assumption.

Is there an easy way to turn the color of all 4 options/answers to gray, when any of the 4 options is selected?




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ahssan moshref

Hi Wendy,
Thanks for the quick reply.
I was thinking of the trigger as an alternative option. But there are 10 questions and I would have to apply that trigger for each of the option right?
That equals to a lot of codes. Unless a variable state could make it easier.


I guess I was wondering if there was a feature in articulate that allowed control of over state of the answers. Because right one Any option is selected, the remaining ones are disabled. Yet the color is not changing.

I am trying to figure out what Storyline does. Perhaps there is an "inactive" state that I need to add in the state options?


I guess I will go with the trigger option.



ahssan moshref

LOL. :)

If there was an "All Other" build in code.
like if I have option A, B, C, D. To have a trigger that says: if Option B , then change State of "All Others" ( non selected ones) to "Visited"

That would have been reduced my triggers to 4 instead of 16.

Honestly, the bones in my right hand index finger was hurting. I thought i was getting Arthritis. But yes Trigger Master Does not sound so Bad.