Quiz - Delay Submission - Drag n Drop question state not working

Apr 08, 2022

I have a quiz in which no feedback (correct, incorrect or state changes) is to be provided until final submission.

Drag-n-drop question

When the Drag & Drop Options of Feedback (delay item drop states until interaction is submitted), is NOT selected, the states appear accurately, yet I don’t want them to appear until the question is submitted and reviewed.

When the Drag & Drop Options of Feedback (delay item drop states until interaction is submitted), IS selected, the state is the same (which is great) however the new states do not appear to be changing when the final submission on the Results page is complete and I click the Review Quiz to see what happened.

GOAL: User can see the states of correct and incorrect for each drag option when the quiz is reviewed.

I’m sure I’m missing something yet cannot figure it out. Can anybody help?

Also, if there is a better way to make this more visually pleasing let me know as I love to hear form the experts and welcome to them!!

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Walt Hamilton

When changing states of dropped items are NOT delayed, the action of dropping an item initiates the checking mechanism, and they change states immediately.

When that action IS delayed, it is the Submit Interaction trigger that initiates the checking mechanism, and they are not changed until part of the submission process. There is no Submit Interaction Drop and Drag trigger on that slide, so they are not checked.

There are several issues that attracted my attention here.

These triggers:

set the variables to true no matter where the items are dropped. No matter where the items are dropped, the learner always gets all questions correct, which is fortunate, because this trigger:

will not allow advancement to the next slide until every item is correctly dropped.  I'm going out on a limb here, and assuming these are artifacts from testing, and it is not the final intention for the quiz that every possible answer is correct.

You asked for input on the way it looks. In general, it looks good. However, as I went through it, about halfway through trying to submit my answers, I was saying, "YES, I want to submit already!. Can I please not get asked again? Can I please just submit?" But maybe you have a client that has reasons for their design that are other than what the learner might think.

The bottom line is that to see the Correct and Incorrect states on Review, you are going to have to do something different. The attached sample has two options. Plan A would be my choice, as it is simpler and less work. I put all the second slide on the question slide as layers. That way, you can use the Submit Interaction trigger and its built-in superpower. You also don't need the variables to determine if the items are dropped correctly, but I didn't delete those.

Plan B keeps the original structure, but requires that you create the triggers to change the states. I changed one of the drop items to show how it can be done. I changed the Card_180 trigger so it will only be correct on the correct target, and created triggers to change its state on review. You do need the variables for Plan B

Any questions, just ask.

Billi Switalski

Thank you Walt for taking a look.  This quiz actually has more than one question. the client wants the learner to have the option of reviewing all the questions prior to Final Submission, thus the reason for the Next button either going to the next page or, if anything was NOT answered (in this case a drag item was dropped on one of the drop zones) they would be taken to the 'unanswered' layer. 

The first 'review quiz' if to give the learner the opportunity to review and change answers if they would (kind-of like when taking a paper test, you review everything one more time just in case). Once the learner is good with all the questions, the Final Submission is complete and that's when the submission for the drag-n-drop is submitted and the states are not changing at that point because when I review the quiz after submission the states are not changed.

Billi Switalski

Walt, your patience is appreciated!

I have analyzed both plan A & B and do see what you are saying. I was hoping I could really have one variable that recognizes that all the drag items have been placed on at least one of the drop zones.  That would make this much easier :-).  Maybe JavaScript but I'm not familiar with that but would love to learn.

I could do a count variable, but if the learner moves a drag item to a different drop zone, another count would be added and I only want 1 count per drag item, no matter where it's dropped or moved after initial drop. All this work goes to show the learner a count of questions answered vs skipped before final submission.

Basically the learners are being spoon feed to ensure they feel comfortable taking a digital assessment when they are very use to paper format.

I know it's complex and one day there will be a great solution and this is going in all our digital assessments.  :-)