Quiz Feedback

I have a concept for a question that I'm having a little trouble figuring out how to execute:

I'm looking for a multiple choice response that gives the user the option to put in their own text in as an 'Other' response.

So something like this:

This is a test question. Do you:

A) Option A

B) Option B

C) Other [        ]

This is not a graded question (obviously), but I would like the feedback to include what the user inputed if possible.

I think the only solution is to align a text entry box to the 'Other' option. I can then pass that to the results slide.

But, if the user selected either A or B, would it be possible to include that text on the results slide? So that it would look something like...

Thank you

You chose: Option A

Has anyone built anything like this before?

Thanks in advance!

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