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I created a course in both English and French allowing the user to switch between both languages at anytime (sientific terms are sometimes lost in translation thus the reason I offered the option to switch languages).

Issue I have is on teh Quizes, if no answer is given only the English warning comes up saying they must answer the question before moving on. I know this can be changed in the player language option but I am using both languages and wanted to know if I could change the language of the warning depending on the question slide I am on?

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Danny,

I don't know of a way to do that...someone else might. In the meantime, I thought I'd ponder this to get the ball rolling.

One thing you could do, although you'd have to do it on every question slide, is to create a custom invalid layer that would show the response in both languages. I based my idea on the instructions for creating a custom invalid layer provided by Jeanette Brooks quite some time back.

So, for the first slide I

  • created a new layer and named it invalid.
  • inserted a rectangle for the invalid answer box and matched the color scheme to that for the C and I layers (of course you could do whatever you wanted).
  • You can see that I put the French and English answers beside or below each other (at least, I tried for the French!), but of course you could create this in any way you wanted...I was doing it up pretty quickly.
  • Created an OK button and added a trigger to hide the layer when the user clicks the button.

Back on the Question Layer (base layer) you'd need to create a new trigger and modify the submit interaction trigger

New Show Invalid Layer Trigger

Set this up to show the invalid layer when the user clicks the submit button if ALL of the responses (so in this case T/F buttons on slide 1) are = normal.

Be sure this trigger is ABOVE the submit interaction trigger

Modify Submit Interaction Trigger

Add conditions to submit the interaction if ANY of the responses (so in this case T/F buttons on slide 1) are selected.

For subsequent slides, you can copy/paste the responses and response boxes. You can also C/P the triggers, but you'll have to edit them on each slide.

So, a thought to get the conversation started.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Danny,

I'm glad Becky's example worked for you! As Owen mentioned, there are a number of threads about multiple languages in one course but I'm not sure which thread he is linking to as the link didn't work for me. Regardless, you're always welcome and encouraged to share thoughts on features you'd like to see by submitting a feature request!