Storyline - Can you change the Player with language selection?


I am building a course which will contain English and another language.  The learner selects the language on the first page and then using triggers, I'm loading the translated text onto layers for each screen.  This way the learner can go back to the beginning and switch languages if they so choose. 

Here is my question.  Once the learner selects the alternate language, is there a way to change the player to player with the pre-translated standard labels?  I saved the alternate player as it's own 'custom' player thinking I could call that from a trigger but not sure how to do it.

Anyone have any ideas?  All of us who have to translate courses into multiple languages are wondering how to this!


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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Jennifer! That's such a cool idea to use triggers to display the appropriate slide text depending on the learner's language preference! Unfortunately, there isn't a way to do the same with the player and its text labels... it's not currently possible to leverage 2 separate players to display different text to match the learner's language. That would make a really great feature request! The only workaround I can think of would be to shorten and modify a single set of text labels to accommodate both languages (for example, if you were displaying the course in English & French, you could customize the Next button to say Next/Suivant).