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Mike B.

This has been a standard Windows shortcut key for about 20 years, and as a lefty I use it much more than Control-C / Control-V.

It works when pasting into the Story View name, the slide name, scrolling panels, web object addresses, just to name a few. So instead of a bug we could call it a glaring inconsistency? :)  I fixed the issue by removing the insert key from my keyboard, so I don't accidentally hit it, expecting it to work. :)

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for the further details Mike. It's not a functionality I use at all, so interesting to hear that you utilize it so much :) I've reached out to other members of the team to see if they have any insight to share and will update if applicable.

I filed your spell check error and will update on that when I can as well.

Thanks again.