Quiz feedback - Disconnection in Slide Layers

Sep 26, 2018

I updated some Slide Layers (Correct, Try Again, and Incorrect) with the base layer (quiz questions). How to connect these Slide Layers feedback with those in the "Form View"? because Form View feedback contents are now blank.

Besides copy and paste the feedback to the Form View, is there any quicker method?  Thanks!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Elaine! It sounds like you changed the text on the default feedback layers, and now that text is not appearing in Form View. Does that sound right?

Is there a reason why you also need the text in Form View? Even if the text doesn't appear in Form View, it should still appear on the layer itself.

Aside from copying the text and pasting it into Form View, I don't know of a faster way to transfer that text. Hopefully other folks in the community can chime in with their ideas!

Elaine Hui

Yes, the text is not appearing in Form View now after changing the text on the default layers from English to Chinese (took me a lot of time to change one by one).

The reason why I need the text in Form View because the layers are not showing when I am taking the quiz. In the other words, the feedback was totally disappear after answering each questions.

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