Bug: Custom Feedback Layering

Dec 29, 2022

We use custom slide layers for interaction feedback to support our xAPI reporting efforts within eLearning. For our purposes, "Master" feedback slides are not useful, so we rely heavily on custom slide layers to provide learner feedback.

A recent update appears to have broken custom feedback layers in Articulate Storyline 360. If I choose the "blank" layout option for a feedback layer, then Storyline will erroneously add default feedback elements (Feedback Title, Feedback Text) to the feedback layer. When I remove these elements, Storyline 360 removes the custom layers as feedback options. This is confirmed when viewing "Form View" for the interaction after deleting feedback elements. 

The only way I have found to prevent removal of the custom feedback layer is to leave the default feedback elements within the layer, dragged off the visible screen area.

In terms of a fix, the Set Feedback and Branching section of "Form View" within Storyline 360 should provide a drop-down option for existing layers within the slide. Blank feedback layers should not add any feedback elements, and feedback inheritance should not remove custom slide layers when individual feedback elements are removed.

I hope this helps!


Kel K.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Kel!

I appreciate you taking the time to share this with us! I've tried to recreate this on my end, and unfortunately, I do not see the same behavior.

When Storyline 360 isn't working as expected, here are steps to fix unexpected or erratic behavior. If that doesn't do the trick, would you mind recording a Peek of the steps you are taking to see this bug?

You can attach it to this discussion or upload it privately in a support case. 

Kel Krehbiel

Hi Lauren,

This issue only seems to affect projects that were created prior to the November update. The Set Feedback and Branching fields are text boxes into which I must manually type "(Custom Slide Layer)" in order for the slide to recognize the custom slide layers.

It looks like the behavior is triggered when toggling from Slide View to Form View. If the Feedback Title and Feedback Text are removed, then it forgets that the custom slide layers exist.

Due to the sensitivity of this work, I cannot share an example. Hopefully this helps your teams to chase down what's happening. It's creating a lot of extra work on my end.

Thanks for the reply!



Lauren Connelly

Kel, our team has been notified, and we've confirmed this is a bug. I appreciate you sharing these extra details. 

Jean, thank you for also sharing that this bug impacts you.

I've added both of your comments to our bug report so that we can notify you if this bug is fixed in an upcoming update.