Storyline 2 - Placement of default text on quiz slide feedback slides

Apr 11, 2017

Is there any way to lock the format and positioning of the default elements on the feedback masters of a quiz slide in Storyline 2? I want to use custom fonts and graphics, which I have added to the feedback masters. However, when I insert a new slide, I get default elements added to the feedback layer. Even if I start with the text that is on the default feedback master and reformat it, when I make a new slide it's not formatted or positioned properly. The elements I formatted are still there, but also the default elements. This is a particular problem because I'm importing my questions from an Excel file to save time and because it's easier than typing in the slides, but then have to go and fiddle with all the feedback layers one by one. I'm attaching two screen shots. The Feedback Master has the elements I want to use. The Feedback Layer on a slide created with this feedback master has the default elements circled.

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