Quiz Format

Aug 28, 2023

I have font alignment issue on quiz questions that is centering the selection button to the answer. How can I fix this? I have attached an image to show how a long answer will center the radio selector instead of starting in line of text. 

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Eric Santos

Hi Marie,

I'm sorry to hear you've hit this snag with the alignment of the radio buttons; I'm happy to help!

Thanks for sharing the screenshot! Do you have extra carriage returns or spaces in the third choice? If not, it would be helpful to see the Storyline file to understand why the alignment is off. Do you mind attaching your project to this discussion or privately in a support case? We'll delete it when we're done!

Garth Yorko

To align the radio button with the first line of the answer:
In the slide view:

  1. Right-click the question text 
  2. Select Format Shape
  3. Select Text Box
  4. Select Do not Autofit
  5. Click Close
  6. Resize the answer shape height until the radio button aligns with the first line of text
  7. Repeat with other long answers

Randomization of answers will be a formatting issue. Don't randomize if possible. See attached.