Quiz formatting - correct, then auto-formats to incorrect

I am using SL2. I have a multiple choice quiz question I created. It looks right when I format it. I click preview this slide and it looks right. Then something happens (I can't figure out what), and the formatting changes. The question portion goes into a single line of text across the top of the slide and runs off the slide. How can I get it to stop doing this and keep the quiz slide formatting? I have included screenshots below one without run-off the slide (before) and one with run-off the slide (after).

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Beth!

Thanks for sharing your file and allowing us to take a look. 

Slide 3 is set for the text to wrap within the shape and the shape could re-size to fit the text.

Slide 2 was not set to wrap, so when the shape re-sized to fit the text, it placed it in a string.

If you re-size your text box and then adjust the settings to wrap - you should be good to go.