Quiz frustrations - seeing correct answer when reviewing

Dec 02, 2021

Help, please.  This is my fourth Articulate 360 module and I always have a frustration when I get to the final quiz.  I guess because I've used templates for this I haven't yet fully understood all the logic behind it.

My issue is that upon review of my final quiz questions, two slides show the correct answer and three slides do not.  

I used a past lesson quiz and made changes to some questions which is why it's probably only working for some of the questions, but I can't see where/how to make the corrections?

thanks for you help


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Joe Moorman

Well, of course as soon as I posted this I found an answer :) I looked through YouTube for advice, and fixed it by deleting what I had as "Review" layers, and replacing them with correct answers by going to "Form View" for each slide, and placing the correct image under the "Post Quiz Review" option