Quiz Hanging Up.

May 08, 2023

I need help. 
I created a complete 11 module course with 4 modules acting as prequizes. If learners answered everything correct, the correct layer on the results slide navigated them to the module summary, if they answered incorrectly, the fail layer navigated them to the rest of the module.
Everything worked great! Then the company asked me to create a testout prequiz. If they answered all correctly, the success layer navigated them to the course summary. If they answered incorrectly, the fail layer navigated them to the first module.
The Prequiz worked great. I loaded everything into the LMS for the second time, went to test it, and the first of the module-leve prequizes hangs up when the last question is answered, regardless of pass or fail.
So far, I have:
* Swapped out the Results page
* Rebuilt all the quiz questions
* Rebuilt the entire module
Regardless of what I do, the quiz hangs up and will not progress to the results slide. When I test the other original quizes, all still works fine.
I'm out of ideas and would welcome some assistance. I have a deadline by midweek.


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Joe Hauglie

We've seen this type of issue before. It's usually resolved by contacting Articulate and opening a support case.

The general problem is likely in a copied results page, though that is my opinion only. The results all create a series of variables that number incrementally and sometimes they seem to duplicate themselves.

The general solution is to build a new results page for the module that's causing you gastric distress and headaches. The last time I had to do this I ended up with a half-dozen "spare" results slide that I just moved to a scene in the story that isn't shown.

Try that, then open a support case. Easier than buying a package of antacids.

Good luck -