'Submit Results' Trigger on Results page

Sep 21, 2023

Hi i have one course that has three different routes for different roles, each consisting of their own quizzes and results slide. I need only one quiz result to be sent to the LMS. Now once a learner is navigated to the Results Slide, their results are automatically sent to the LMS regardless of fail or pass. However if they fail and retry the quiz (Retry button on Failed Layer on Result Slide) when they pass and make it to the Results slide once again, will that update the results submitted to the LMS?

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Sandeep Gadam

Hello Martha, In Articulate Storyline 360, the results that get submitted to the Learning Management System (LMS) are typically based on the settings you configure for tracking and reporting within your course. When a learner fails a quiz, retries it, and then passes, you can choose how to handle the reporting to the LMS in such scenarios.

  • Based on number of slides the user has viewed
  • Based on the results slide
  • Or by using the Course completion trigger using variables

I suggest you to use the below option:

Track using the quiz result: If you want the LMS to report only the final result after the learner has completed the quiz (whether on the first attempt or after retries), choose this option. The LMS will receive the result from the final attempt, and if the learner passes, it will be reported as "Complete."

Eric Santos

Hello Martha!

I'm happy to jump in! The LMS should show the percentage score after taking the quiz. I ran some tests with the attached Storyline course published to LMS and attempted it twice in SCORM Cloud. I failed the first attempt and passed the second one. Here's a screenshot of the final report:

SCORM Cloud report

Here's my invite link in SCORM Cloud if you'd like to test it. If you see a different result with your LMS, you may need to reach out to your LMS administrator to enable reporting of the percentage score.

Please let me know if you have any questions.