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Hello everyone,

I have set up passing criteria @ 0 %" . Hence, there is no failure layer. If I want user to retry the module only if user has scored less than 70 percent. How that can be done.


I don't want this "0 percentage" to change since our LMS runs on SCORM 1.2 and if any user reaches the result slide and either do window close the module or click on the exit button, completion should be recorded in the LMS and not "In-progress"


Should I keep multiple layer ? Just not able to think through it.  attached is the story file.



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Carolyn Kunz

Hi Surender,

I found a solution that marks the module as “Complete” if the user scores 70% or higher.

  • I configured the results slide to use the passing score of 70%
  • I added a Try Again layer.
  • I added triggers to show the Success or the Try Again layer based on the score.
  • I disabled the submit results slide on the main slide and put the "Complete course as Completed/Passed" trigger on the success layer.
  • In the publishing settings, I changed the tracking options to track using the Complete Course Trigger.