Quiz Help Needed

Hi everyone,

I am creating a quiz/survey in Storyline 360 which will consist of check boxes where the user can make multiple selections on each questions. Is there a way on the quiz/survey results page to print not only the boxes the learner checks but also the boxes they don't check? The reason why is, we want the instructor (who's actually a sales rep) to be able to see the question, the options selected, and the option not selected to facilitate a discussion.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Steve! I have a couple of ideas for you:

  • Enable the Print Result button on the result slide. This will create a PDF document listing the learner's answers to all survey questions in one report. While this report shows the learner's answers, it does not show all possible answers.
  • Host the course on a learning management system (LMS) and gather data there. Here's a list of the data Storyline sends to the LMS. Storyline will send student_response and correct_response, but I'm not seeing that Storyline will send data for all possible responses. 

Would either of those options work for what you had in mind?