Check Box Built-in States

Oct 05, 2013

I am using a series of check boxes where learners check off statements that they think meet a certain criteria. This is not a quiz slide. I want to be able to make sure they check at least one box before proceeding to the answer display. 

I am using a standard check box control. The state of these check boxes changes to "Selected" when clicked and when the checkmark displays in the box. However, when you click the check box a second time, the checkmark disappears, but the state does not change to Normal. It appears that the check boxes toggle to checked/unchecked, but the state of the control does not change once it has been selected the first time.

So, if a user clicks a few boxes, then unchecks them, the state is still recorded as "Selected."

I cannot find any reference on how the built-in button states work. Is there any information available?

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Michael Hinze

This seems like an odd behaviour for checkboxes. See attached file with three check boxes. You can select/unselect them at will;  only when at least one of the three check boxes is selected, can I advance to the next slide. Maybe you can post your file here, so that we can see what's going on.

Mike Schwind

I had a heck of a time getting a similar checkbox controlled knowledge check page working for me in a current project. Below is a screenshot of the page. The learner had to select a checkbox from either column (May or Must) to answer each question. When they were done selecting they would click submit to check their answers. If they were correct, a CORRECT layer would be displayed. If they were incorrect a TRY AGAIN layer would be displayed and they could try again until they got it correct.

After a lot of trial and error it finally came down to two evaluation types of triggers. One for each layer (CORRECT and TRY AGAIN). However the logic within the triggers is what took me so long to figure out. Now that I have it figured out you can bet I will save it for future reference. And I thought I would share with you all in case it might be helpful in the future.

I have attached the Storyline file so you can see the trigger logic.

Also, the correct answers for the questions are:

A, B, E - May

C, D, F - Must

Herminia Esqueda

Phil Mayor said:

Normal is a state I never evaluate in a condition becuase all states are variations of normal.

If you need a condition for checkboxes I would use equal to selected or not equal to selected.

A checkbox is only selected when checked and not selected when unchecked

Does this mean that I cannot set a trigger to uncheck a box? I have two columns of check boxes which are all set to initial state of "disabled". If button 1 is selected, column 1 of checkboxes is triggered to normal state. If button 2 is selected, column 2 of checkboxes is triggered to normal state and column 1 is triggered to return to disabled state.  I was hoping that when column 1 returned to disabled that the boxes that had been previously check would now appear as unchecked, but that is not the case. I found that the only trigger that would uncheck them is by returning their state to "normal". However, by returning their state to "normal" the user can now check it again even if button 1 is not selected.

Is there a way to set a trigger to uncheck a box AND have it be disabled at the same time?

Bethany Marston

I'm having problems with checkboxes too.  

When I set a variable to "true" when the box is checked, I can't get it to re-set when the state of the box changes again.  Setting it to "false" when the state of the box is "normal" doesn't work, nor does setting it to false when the state of the box is NOT "selected.  See attached.  Hope someone can help with this.  It seems like odd behavior.  

The attachments above both use the "conditions" box to reference the state of the check box, but if you see my very simple demo slide, it doesn't work when you try to use the state of the check box in other ways. 


Suraj More

I am using multiple response quiz to serve as a knowledge check, so there would be no scoring for these. I wanted to know if there is a way to change the functionality of the check boxes as below.

When users select their options and submit their answers, their check boxes should show "X" instead of a "tick"  depending on  the correct/incorrect answers they selected along with the feedback boxes. 

Please let me know if this can be done. Thanks in advance

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Suraj,

No apologies necessary - that's what we're here for. 

It's definitely a bit more involved and a custom set up - there isn't a tutorial specific to text boxes, but you'll want to create states for shapes or images as described here. Using the predefined shape states as shown here will also be helpful to indicate something is "selected". And then, I'd set this all up as one pick many/pick one question type so that it still is a tracked question and you can provide feedback etc. 

Hope that helps! 

Deanna Brigman

Hi Suraj

To create a custom checkbox, you just need to create an object that has a selected state:

For what you want to do you will need to add an additional state "feedback". You can put the trigger to show this state on the submit button.

Change state of "button1" to "feedback" when user clicks "submit" if "button1" is "== Equal to" selected. 

Just add this trigger for each button that needs feedback.

Hope this helps.