Undoing triggers on second click

I have some check boxes on my slide that I built. The learner should be able to select one or more of the check boxes which will change the state of the box to "selected" and adjust a variable to "true". I have this part of it completed. What I am having a hard time with is the learner also needs to be able to reverse the process. In other words they should be able to click the check box again which would change the state of the box back to "normal" and the variable back to "false". This is not a test question, it is hands on learning with no right or wrong answer. The user can leave the slide when they feel they are familiar with the concept.

This is only my second storyline project so forgive me if this is a 101 question. Thanks for the help!

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Philip Johnson

Can I do this with the state of an object using one trigger? If I check the box the state changes, if I check it again it reverts? I can do what you suggested and use a variable but that will take two triggers? Is there an easier way?

NM, I am going to post a new thread with what I am looking for!