Show/Hide boxes based on change of variables not working

Feb 21, 2017


I'm trying to set up a scenario with five questions. Each  question has a check box next to it. The learner selects (checks) the box next to the question they want to ask someone. When they select any of the boxes, the corresponding "View Response" box appears. The learner can select any or all of the boxes.  

I set up variables for each check box and set the initial state to true. If the state of the check box changes to selected, the variable adjust to false. On the next slide, I have the same questions with the "View Response" boxes appearing next to the "selected" questions. I have the "View Response" boxes initial state ste to hidden. I have a trigger to change the state of the View Response boxes to "Normal" when its variable adjust to True (in other words,  the individual checked the box next to that question. 

But, it is not working. Can someone take a look at my file and let me know what I'm doing wrong, please? I've attached the two slides. 



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