Can check boxes be protected from manual entry?

Apr 07, 2014

Hi there,

I am using check boxes to track the users movement through the module I am building.  If they complete the slide, a check box (state change to selected) appears on the main screen,  When all topics have been covered, another layer appears to allow the user to continue.

Currently, a user can just tick the check boxes and advance through the module.  Is there a way to prevent state change from direct user input?  In the picture below, the visible check boxes have their states changed automatically but the user can currently still just click them.

Thanks in advance

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Harri S

Hi Darren,

Maybe you could keep the ticks but remove the boxes - that way you would still get the same visual effect of progress but without the learner expecting them to be clickable. You'd need to insert a tick shape and set the triggers to hide/show etc as you can't split the ticks from the built in checkboxes.

Just a thought


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