Quiz Hotspot Trigger for layer and correct answer

May 05, 2016

Hi Folks, I've created a quiz slide that is a mock up of a website menu where the user needs to choose the correct menu item.  I've created hotspots over the menu items so that when the user hovers over them they show a layer item that is a shadowbox around the menu item to highlight it.

I've been trying to have the same hotspot also register the correct answer when it is clicked on but having trouble. If I add the trigger to have it reveal the shadow box layer it won't function as the correct answer when clicked on.

Additionally, when moussing over the items the correct item that has the correct answer hotspot - any help to fix this if possible is appreciated

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Doug Dewan

Hi Ron, thanks for your help! I've attached the two slides I am working with. Basically my goal for the first slide is to have the learner click on the menu item on the resources drop down that is correct - in this case ICS-100. As the learner mouses over the selections to choose from I wanted it to highlight with a shadow box on each item. The problem I'm having is I can't seem to get the slide to work to select the correct answer when I trigger the hotspot to perform two things, one showing the shadow box layer and one being the correct answer hotspot. Same issue with the second slide.

Attached are the slides.


Ron Price

Thanks - that helps a lot.  The issue is that the Layer you have created covers up the hot spot. So, the hover works, but when you "click", you are no longer clicking on the hotspot.

A better solution may be to use a multiple response freeform question instead of a hotspot question.

You can use Transparent shapes as your objects and then the shading could be added to a hover state.  This way the same item you are clicking on is the item you are hovering over.  You cannot add states to Hotspots.  

Doug Dewan

Hi Ron, I formatted the boxes to highlight when hovered over, and selected  but this seems to have also blocked the ability to select the answer, are you not able to create a hover state and still allow for the selection? sorry for all the questions, I'm fairly new to using Storyline. I've attached the slide here.

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