Quiz - how can you get immediate feedback without using Submit

Jul 24, 2012

Hello everyone! I can’t figure out how to do the following in Storyline:

Using freeform, how can you set a “Pick one” quiz question so that the user gets immediate feedback after selecting the answer - without having to click on the Submit button.

Could someone help? Many thanks!

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Annick,

Just tried this quickly using 3 shapes on a slide, and I think it may be what you're looking for. So, my 3 shapes were lightening bolt, smiley face, triangle, and the "correct answer" was lightening.

In the triggers pane on the right,

  • I double-clicked the "submit interaction" player trigger to edit it
  • I clicked to drop down the Object list, and selected the Lightening Bolt, and clicked OK.
  • Clicked to be sure this trigger was active in the pane, selected the copy button.
  • Clicked the Smiley Face and selected paste.
  • Clicked the Right Triangle and selected paste.

Went into preview mode, and making a choice displayed the incorrect or correct feedback.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Shelley,

Thanks for the question. Got me thinking! I DO agree that the multiple options is making it more complex. I've been playing with various ways to create variables, but haven't got it worked out. I'm sure someone will jump in.

FYI (and others) in the process, I took a look at T/F and multiple choice, which allow users only 1 choice, and got those working similarly to the pick one that Annick had asked about.

After creating either the T/F or MC question, here's what I did

  1. Double-Clicked on the Player Trigger in the triggers pane to open up the editing window
  2. Clicked the Object drop-down and for T/F
    Selected Button 1 True...OK
  3. Made sure this Object Trigger was selected
  4. Clicked copy in the toolbar in the Triggers pane
  5. Clicked paste in the toolbar in the Triggers pane
  6. Double-clicked this new trigger to open the editing window
  7. Clicked the Object drop-down and selected Button 1 F...OK

Same idea for MC

I'd also like to know the resolution for your question, matching drop-down and for multiple response...

David Anderson

Hi Becky and Shelley,

There are a few graded question types that don't allow for deeper customization or access to states.  The matching drop down is one of those.

Becky: you can add triggers to the multiple response question that show/hide layers for immediate feedback. Just click each choice and add a trigger to show a feedback layer. You'll likely want to add a fade out animation and a slide layer trigger to hide the slide layer when the timeline ends.

Attached is a quick example.

Manuel Aicart

Hi David,

Thanks for the example. It's really helpful. I have 2 questions:

1. When I click on the boxes, the feedback messages stay for about 2 seconds. Is there a way for them to stay put?

2. Is there a way to have instant feedback in the form of a green check (correct) or a red cross (incorrect), as in the following example: http://bit.ly/14rBtVV


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