Drag and Drop immediate feedback (correct/incorrect)

Jul 16, 2012

Is there a way to have a drag and drop scenerio give immediate feedback of correct or incorrect without the usering having to hit the submit button? 

Scenerio is an office desk and certain items on the desk need to be dragged certain places.  Example, the files need to be dragged into the file cabinet.  Once they've clicked on the files, dropped them on the file cabinet, can there be immediate pop-up of whether that was the correct place to put the files? 


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David Anderson

Hi Kevin - Is this the same question you asked in this thread?  I hate to share the same reply if it is, so thought I'd check. 

Either way, you can trigger feedback once objects have been dropped. Here's an example of a correct drop targeting a slide layer animation to create visual feedback. And here's a good overview of how drop states work.

If you're looking for a more detailed tutorial or example, let me know and we'll put one together for you.


Kevin Hart

Hi David,

Similar questions but not the same.   Funny enough, I'm asking both questions about the same scenerio I'm working on.  Here's a screen capture of what I'm working on:

 In a perfect world: 

1. The red circles (made from shapes) would be pulsing to let the user know who needs to be moved.

2.  As soon as they drop them in the hotspot, (without having to click submit) a pop-up would let them know each character is properly placed and safe.  If they dragged them to an area that wasn't safe, a pop-up would let them know. 

Michael Rosenberger

Hi Kevin,

I thought I saw a screencast on this before but couldn't find it. Here is a way I found this can be done. Not sure about score tracking and such, but this solution gives immediate feedback. Cheers.

Curious if there is a better way to implement this too.

Storyline - Immediate Feedback Drag and Drop


Michael Rosenberger

Looking at your sample, I see you used hotspots. I know you can select a hotspot in the drag and drop setup dialog box and in triggers, but I believe the chairs would need to be a separate image to show the movement. The drop zone can be a hotspot though. Have to play with that a bit and see, or let me know what you find.

Diana Myers

@Kevin - I found a fairly straightforward answer to give immediate correct/incorrect feedback during a drag and drop scenario, but my solution uses the Drag and Drop Interaction in Storyline, so you can only have 1 drop zone, but the feedback is immediate.

I created this solution for a collegue who is developing an Insider Training course.  There are 6 people, 3 of whom have violated insider trading laws, and the immediate feedback comes from using the built-in Drop Correct and Drop Incorrect States.  I didn't use any layers, and only added a lightbox slide to make sure they found all the violators before they continue.


Storyline File

Please let me know if you have any questions at all!  Hope this helps - best wishes to you,


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