Quiz Import Feedback: Can I Use Question-Level Feedback?

Jun 01, 2020

Instead of using answer-level feedback in either the Excel or text file template, I want feedback for both a correct and incorrect response, which often times is the same exact wording with just the title of the feedback master indicating "Correct" or "Incorrect."

While I know we can simply have the SME enter in the same feedback response for each answer choice, I'm trying to simply it even further for them by just providing one feedback response per question which will auto-import into both the Correct and Incorrect feedback spots at the bottom of the Form View.

Thanks for letting me know.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Mike!

It sounds like you're hoping to auto-import feedback in Form View! We don't currently have this workflow in Storyline 360, but that would make a great feature request! 

I did want to show you how to achieve something similar! You can remove the Feedback Layers for incorrect/correct responses and choose to set the Feedback to None on each slide. Secondly, you can add a layout in the Feedback Master that can be added as a layer on each question slide. I've recorded a short tutorial for you to explain how to create this! Here's the link!

Mike Adamski

Actually, no--I'm not talking about form view. I'm talking about taking a Notepad template from the Articulate website, but instead of using the *Answer choice | Feedback here* format, I was hoping for a format that looks like this:

Answer choice
Answer choice
Answer choice
Answer choice
| Single feedback for all selections

Thank you for the video. I was able to do something similar by just importing with the same feedback copied into each answer choice, but it's a bit teious that way. In the video you shared, I'd still need to load in the question-specific feedback. We definitely need feedback for things like formative practices as that's where the learning occurs for that activity, so removing the feedback isn't a solution that works for us.

I appreciate the suggestions. Thank you.

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