Quiz in Storyline

I've imported a quizmaker quiz into Storyline.

When I get a passing grade, it shows me the correct layer and I can exit the program (this is good).

When I get a failing grade, it shows me the failure layer which has a button on it that sends me back to review the lesson. After reviewing the entire lesson, I come back to the quiz, but the quiz answers are locked and I cannot redo the quiz. What do I need to do?

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Nancy Woinoski

OK Jim - here is what you need to do to send your user back to the beginning of the lesson if they fail the quiz.

You are going to have to do a little editing of the Results slide as follows.

1. On the main Results slide - go to the properties (the wheel icon) and disable the Prev and Next buttons - you are going to create your own buttons to control where the user will go when they pass or fail.

2. If you don't want the user to be able to review the quiz results prior to redoing the lesson, click the Edit Results Slide button >options and then disable the Allow User to Review Quiz option.

3. Now go to the Failure layer and add a button (you can call it anything you want).

4. Add a trigger to this button with the following settings:

Action: Jump to Slide

Slide: first slide  ( where first slide is the slide you want to the user to go to if they fail)

When: User clicks

5. Now go to the Success slide and add a button and give it a trigger - I think you want the user to exit the program at this point so your trigger would be as follows:

Action: Exit Course

When: User Clicks

Now there is just one more thing you need to do.

Since you are asking the user to resdo the course on fail and then retake the quiz, you are going to want to make sure that the "when revisting" properties for all the quiz questions are set to "Reset to initial state" - this will ensure that the users's previosu selections are cleared when they go to retake the quiz. 

Kyle Young

Hi. Followed the instructions provided and it still didnt work. I could retry the quiz more than 3 times?

Perhaps it could be the state? To change the state to the Try button I chose the following options - correct?

Action: Chage statee of

On object: Button Rety Quiz

To State: disables

When: Variable Changes

Variable: Retry Remaining

On condition - Rety Remaining ==Equal to 1.



Kyle Young

I finally got it to work. However, I only want the Retry Quiz to appear on the Failure page. If they pass they only get Exit course button. When I move the Retry quiz button to the Failure page it turns the 'Retry Quiz feature off.

When I go back to Options and select Allow user to Retry it add another Retry Quiz button?

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Kyle,

Interesting thing happened. I wanted to first go through the story and see what happens if I pass or fail. Then go back and look under the hood (it makes it easier for me to "get" what's currently going on in a scenario I'm not familiar with). But I don't have time to go through the entire thing.

So,I went through this twice. The first time, I deleted all the content slides and left only the assessment. My score was 90%, but the "you didn't pass" slide appeared. So, I wondered if there was something wrong there.

The second time I winnowed the test down to only 3 questions. And, surprisingly, things work as you want: I get the retry button if I fail, but do NOT see it if I pass. Only the exit button appears. I'm uploading here, thinking perhaps you or someone else can compare the two stories and see what the difference is.BTW, I did get 100%, so you might also want to check out what happens if Learners get below 100%; perhaps that's a bug.