Quiz locking up

Hello! I have a question about my quiz locking up-

I have a quiz after each section of my course. When starting the quiz, there is a layer that pops up first stating the directions of the quiz for the user. If someone clicks "submit" before the layer is done playing, the whole quiz locks up and the user cannot take the quiz. The screen is stuck on the layer and the layer will not go away (I have set it to go back to main slide when timeline ends).

Any information on the issue would be appreciated!

Thanks so much! Nicole

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Emily Ruby

Hello Nicole!

When the "please submit an answer" feedback slide appears, it is default to Pause the timeline of whichever layer is showing. You can see this behavior  by adding the seekbar into the player for a test preview. When the seekbar is active, you can simply click the play button after the "submit an answer" layer is closed. Unfortunately there is not way to modify this layer as it is built into the player.

What you can do to avoid the users getting stuck after this layer disappears, is to set the "untitled Layer 3" to "resume saved state" when revisiting in its properties. This way the layer will atutomatically restart after the submit button is hit and the please answer feedback is closed.

Attached is an updated file. Let me know if this helps!