Quiz made by random bank question : problem with resume page in LMS

Dec 07, 2015

Hello everybody

Our need : to have a quiz of 40 questions extract randomly in a bank og question split in 5 themes. And the learner could answer only once to quiz. The quiz is launched by an LMS with SCORM 2004 export to obtain question details.

What we did with Articulate Storyline :

A storyline file with 150 questions split in 5 scenes and a quiz produced with extract of question randomly in scene. Once the quiz is done, the learner arrive on result page without possibility to come back in quiz.

When learner launched again the quiz, we use the resume mode to force learner to come back to result page and it couldn't make again the quiz.

Problem : 

Some time resume work, sometime not (learner is send to a question in the quiz)

Our tests

When we use a small quiz (5 questions to do) : it works ...

Any idea ???!

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Julien -- As you mentioned you are using an LMS, have you also had the opportunity to test your course in the SCORM Cloud to see how it behaves in that environment? If you do not encounter the same behavior in the SCORM Cloud, you may want to reach out to your LMS provider directly for further assistance. 

It may also be helpful to share the name of the LMS provider you are using, as others in the community may use the same service and can chime in with their experiences. 

Saral Sharma

I am also facing the same issue and I have tested it on SCORM Cloud as well as Reload.

My course has around normal 40 slides and a bank of 15 questions to show 10 questions at a time.

First time it goes well all through result page. Second time when I click resume then it goes to randomly one of the slides.

In second senario, if I attempt assessment and come back to any slide in the main course and exit. Then on resume it doesn't go to that slide, it just land to any slide randomly.

What I understand that if I remove or reduce the number of questions to 5 or less. Then it starts working properly.

Is there any way to keep the assessment out of the resume tracking?

That way atleast main course slides can be tracked. Because no one wants learner to go back in the middle of assessment on resume.

Saral Sharma

This is true in my case I can not use SCORM 2004 because my SABA LMS is not configured to support 2004. Hence I have to use SCORM 1.2 in which case the tracking string exceed the suspend data limit.

Now if Articulate team smartly encript the tracking data then it can be much shorten. I am a hard core programmer and I have created more than 200 bespoke courses in Flash and SCORM 1.2 and all those courses can be tracked properly even if you have more than 100 slides in the course.

This is all about to use good encription technique and right SCORM variable to save data.

Even if some how we can have a option to keep assessment out of resume tracking in articulate then I believe more than 50 slides can be easily tracked.

Saral Sharma

Thanks Ashley for your quick response,

Wondering, in near future (may be as an update to SL2), can we expect an option/setting in publish, to take  assessment responses out of resume tracking?

Because, I found that assessment responses(user selection) takes more space in suspend_data than simple slides(non activity slides).

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