Quiz master- formatting text and spacing

I'm in the process of creating a quiz master slide and layouts. The text for each answer option must be larger than the default size and I also need to increase spacing between each answer. What I can't seem to figure out is how to do this in the slide master. 

The work around I've used so far is to create a quiz master with the look of the slide, then using the slide master I create a slide for each type of question that the quiz contains (i.e. 1 T/F, 1 mult choice, etc). I then adjust the font size and spacing for each answer and use this as a template for the rest of the quiz. (i.e. I cut and past the T/F slide and use as a template for every subsequent T/F question). This worked fine on a smaller project, however this is a larger project and being able to just use slide masters/layouts would be ideal. 

I've scanned the forums and had a friend look at the project as well, but not coming up with any solutions. Any assistance would be much appreciated!

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