Quiz: Multiple correct answers and only click on one

I'm trying to create a quiz question based on the attached histological image. The question asks students to click on one area of the image that shows cell aging. There are 10 correct areas (red/orange dots) and the faculty member wants students to click on any one of those 10 areas and get the question correct. I have tried building this as a freeform pick many, but in doing this the student has to click on all 10 correct spots to get it right. Hotspots don't work because there can only be one correct answer.  Any ideas on how to achieve the goals? Thanks! 

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Walt Hamilton

You need a pick one, and some triggers.  Each correct answer is covered by a filled object that has no outline, and is set to very high transparency. Each spot has a trigger to select the correct answer for the Pick One interaction. To keep the hand from showing over the correct spots, the whole image is covered with a filled, high transparency object under the correct answers. That gives your learners a hand anywhere on the image, (if it has a trigger attached to it.) The trigger attached to it sets the incorrect answer when clicked.

Sylvia Drower

Walt, what a gem! 

Thank you so much, I also was scratching my head over how to get a pick one of many correct hotspots.

Your solution: simple (once you showed us mere mortals how) and elegant.

I am sure this is a common question format, it would be nice if the Storyline team could incorporate it into a future upgrade. :-)