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Dec 18, 2018

Hello all,

I have created a project with 7 scenes, the 6th being a quiz of mostly multiple choice questions. When I preview the scene of the quiz, it all works perfectly; but when I preview the entire project, I can answer the first question, then it does not allow me to choose an answer for the rest of the questions. This means I can't progress and complete the course. All triggers and settings are exactly the same on all quiz slides. I published the course to HTML5, but the quiz still did not work.

Can anyone help?

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Marion Walinda

Hello together, is there any solution for this problem jet? I have a similare issue. When I preview my quiz (slides no bank) in the scene it works perfectly. But when previewing the whole project or after publishing it`s not working correctly anymore. I tried out different browser. The possiblty to retry quesions is gone, and the slide navigations I disable are shown again, but no further quessen can be made . I am working with a storyline testversion loaded 10 days ago.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Marion,

I took a look at Isobel's case and saw that she had enabled a "Submit Results" trigger on each question slide (instead of using that trigger on the results slide). That was the issue in her file, and once that was removed the quiz worked normally. You'd want to use a "Submit Interaction" trigger instead on each question slide to pass the data to your results slide.

Does that help?

Marion Walinda

Heyyy Ashley, thank you so much for your brief feedback. The last houres I figured out, that it was about that Reset-Result-Trigger that must stand on top of all other triggers regarding the result slide! So I just found out on my own, but thank you so much!!! It helps for further trigger situation that might appeare next time. :-) Best wishes, Marion

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