Quiz qestions all on one scrollable page

Jan 14, 2013

Is there a way ro create a quiz in Storyline that displays all questions on same slide and one submit button at the end?

For quizzes with 25+ questions, scrolling through slide by slide is tedious.

If not, can anyone recommend a test creation tool that can do this that is SCORM compliant?

Thanks so much,


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Michael Hinze

I have created custom questions , e.g. 20 True/False questions withing a scrolling panel on one slide. It required the use of variables and triggers to provide feedback and calculate the total score. Also, the passing of this final (custom) score required JavaScript (thanks again to Steve Flowers for his help!), but it worked just fine with a Moodle LMS.

Phil Mayor

You need to build your questions using button sets, when the user answers a question you need to set a variable value based on which button is selected.

Using my method you then build the questions again using the built in questions and on timeline start set the selected answer based on your variable to selected and then submit the interaction and jump to next slide, this is all done using on timeline start triggers.

You then do this again and again, set your results slide and publish.

The benefit of this method is that all the data is sent to the LMS and stored in your interactions report, the downside is it takes more work (basically double the work)

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