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Aug 20, 2014


I need to create a quiz question that will have multiple questions stems on a single screen. These questions would logically be true and false ones but with check boxes. In the end like a normal quiz user will click the Submit button. The answer needs to be tracked for the results page and the course will be published with LMS setting.

I am attaching a ppt of the screen I am trying to make.

Any genuine help would be highly appreciated as I am stuck with it.



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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Ashish,

Welcome to the community

I've thrown together something very quickly using a FreeForm Pick one and 3 of your 4 questions...just for "proof of concept. But I'm not entirely sure this will meet your needs.

You CAN put multiple questions on one slide in this way, but by default Storyline doesn't provide partial scoring if the Learners get some but not all of the answers correct. I believe some community members have come up with workarounds, but I don't have those threads at my fingertips.

In any case, this example should get the conversation started, and hopefully others will jump in.

ashish sharma

Hi Rebecca,

I worked on this a bit more and added the Try Again functionality to it.

Now the number of attempts in this question a user is allowed are 2.

How can we show the correct answers after the 2 incorrect attempt and then we can move to the next slide and so on.

I have attached a latest file for your reference.



Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Ashish,

There seemed to be something funky going on with your file, so I've created a new one (I copied and pasted everything onto a new slide). You had a lot of unnecessary triggers on the base layer, and the Try Again layer was showing as a custom layer that didn't seem to work quite right. Not sure if the Storyline tutorials would be helpful?

I wasn't entirely sure what you wanted, but you indicated you'd like to show the correct answers after the 2nd attempt. By default, the Feedback boxes would over the question area, so I created a new Feedback master where I repositioned everything. I didn't spend much time with formatting...

Try Again Layer

The triggers on the Try Again layer are the same as before, except adjusted for only 2 attempts.

Incorrect Layer

I modified the message on the incorrect layer and changed the trigger for the continue button so it shows the correct layer.

Correct Layer

I added triggers so that the correct checkboxes are selected when the timeline starts. This is necessary if the layer is being triggered when Learners have answered incorrectly.

I also added two text messages for the Learner if they arrive here after a 2nd bad attempt. These are initially set to hidden, but are changed to normal when the Tries variable is greater than 1.

Equally, the two default text messages are set to hidden in this situation.

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