Grading essay style questions in LMS

I have a client that uses Cornerstone. I do not have access so have limited options for testing. 

I am using Storyline. We have been asked to develop a quiz. Some questions are T/F or multi-answer and can be graded immediately. Others are essay questions that require the input of a third party to grade them. 

My plan was to create a quiz, add graded questions and an essay style question which is not graded. I would then create a results slide and then publish and report to LMS. 

My questions is: How would this report typically display in an LMS? If you know how Cornerstone would deal with this even better.

  • Will the third party 'marker' just see a text field?
  • Will it be separate to the other questions we have already marked?
  • How do they mark an essay question?
  • Will an overall grade be calculated or will the 'marker' need to do that manually?

Sorry for the vague question but I am hamstrung a bit here and have mainly used quiz features in the past as learning confirmation rather than reporting on them. 

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Graham,

Thank you for reaching out! 

While I can't speak on what the reports look like on the Cornerstone side, I did want to share what is reported to an LMS. This guide provides a breakdown of what quiz data is sent: 

To give you a possible idea of what those reports look like, I did come across this article from Cornerstone that provides an overview of their standard reports: 

I am hoping that others in the community with more experience with Cornerstone will be able to share their insights!