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May 10, 2016

Dear Community,
we are currently optimizing our quizzes in Storyline, because at the moment in may happen that only one false answer may lead to failing the quiz. Therefore I would like to know if the following options are available, as I did not find anything by the search function about them.

  • What is the decision logic of Storyline if we choose "Ask 6 question from the question pool". Is it truly random or does it, for example, try to have well-balanced questions (with regard to the scores if the question is answered correctly).
  • Is it possible to define the required score as "at maximum 2 of 6 questions may be answered wrong" instead of a fix score percentage?

I think that one possible improvement would be to have more than just six questions per quiz challenge. But if you can provide me your experiences and best practices, I would really appreciate it.

Best regards,

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Patrick!

The question draws will be random, unless you have specified for certain questions to be locked together or to always be included as you can see in this tutorial.

You will need to assign a percentage if you are tracking by results slide, but you can adjust the passing score to 66% so that 4/6 correct will still be a pass.

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