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Nicole Legault

Hi Lynn,

When you create a quiz question, it will apply the features from the "Master Slide" ( when you look under the Slide Master view, this is the very top slide, the one that is slightly bigger than the others). If you want it to show a different slide template, right-click on the slide in question in the Scenes panel (the panel on the left-hand side of the screen) and select Layout, then choose the template with the header and footer.

Here's a link to a handy Storyline tutorial: Using Slide Masters

Hope this helps! If you need additional help, please don't hesitate to let me know and I'll be happy to help you out. =)

Daniel Brigham

Hi, Lynn: I assume you are using Storyline. It's been my experience that formatting (especially text formatting) can get wonky if you customize your feedback masters. If you find yourself having to reformat text, that's probably not all that unusual. I imagine the powers that be will work out these things as the years roll on. Happy Fourth. --DanielĀ 

Lynn Hauser

Well, I just tried this and the top slide does have all the correct formatting but I saw a second master which had no formatting. I copied/pasted the formatting on to that master and now my quiz questions have the correct template formatting. Yeah!

But....the layout of the question and answers are not in the correct format. For example, the font is incorrect and the placement of content is over the header instead of in the center of the slide. I can reformat each slide individually but is there a way to change it in the template. I can't find anything in slide master. Thanks again. Lynn

Nicole Legault

Good afternoon Lynn!

You can indeed customize the layout for the Questions, here's how:

  • From the ribbon, select "View"
  • Click on "Slide Master"
  • Click on the"Question Layout" slide (the fourth slide down, when you hover over it a tooltip will appear that says "Question Layout: # of slides its used by")
  • Format your font and content placement here.

These formatting changes will be applied to any new Question slides you insert into your course. =)