Apply Feedback Layout to multiple question slides?

Sep 27, 2018

We are importing questions into numerous existing projects.  When I try to apply a Feedback Master layout to multiple slides, it doesn't seem to work as intended.  If I select all the questions at once and apply a feedback layout, it applies the feedback layout to the main slide instead of to the feedback layer. 

Also the question slides give different options when I right click individually to apply a template.  Some of them show Slide Masters, and some of them show Feedback Masters as options.

What is the preferred or correct way to apply a feedback layout to multiple questions in a storyline project?

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Susi B

Hi Dan,

first you have to know the difference between slide master and feedback master. A slide master can only be added to a slide and a feedback master can only be added to a layer.

Second you can change all slide masters by selecting all slides in slide view/story view and change the layout BUT you can´t change the feedback master for all layers at the same time. You have to select every layer separately to add a new feedback master.

Sadly there is no connection between slide and feedback master, like if you change the slide master the feedback master connected to that slide master changes too (would be a great feature tho).



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