Quiz Questions Appearing on LMS Report Incorrectly

Dec 14, 2022

Hello E-Learning Hero's, 

I have published a course created in Articulate 360 into an Accord LMS. The course contains a quiz and survey.  In the LMS tracking options, I have Scorm 1.2 selected. When I pull a report from the LMS the questions come with incorrect question names. See attached. All questions are named correctly in Articulate 360.  Is the course passing scene2 slide4 names to the LMS rather than the actual question name? Is it n LMS issue? Any thoughts? 

Thank You 

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John Morgan

Hi Charles,

I'm sorry you're having this issue with your LMS! Have you tested your course in SCORM cloud? It's an online LMS environment that can be used to figure out whether the issue is with the LMS or the Story file. If you test your course on SCORM cloud and it works perfectly, then your issue is LMS based.

Thanks for reaching out!

Charles Ragucci

Hello John, 

I have not tested in the scorm cloud. Thanks for the info.  The course works fine in our LMS. I've tested it but I think it's related to the scorm settings. So I published in scrom 2004 verses 1.2 to see if this makes a difference with the test questions actually appearing on the report on the LMS report. I will let you know what I find out. 

John Morgan

Hi Devan,

Thanks for reaching out! I understand you’ve been having an issue with your question text being reported as a scene and slide number. My first recommendation is to test your course in SCORM cloud. After testing, can you let us know if the question text is still reported as a scene and slide number?

If you’d like us to take a look at your .story file, feel free to attach it to this discussion or privately in a support case. 

I look forward to your response!