Reporting Exam Questions

Sep 16, 2015

I am able to successfully report exam results from Articulate Storyline 2 to my LMS, but when viewing the Exam "Questions Report", the questions names are listed as "Scene1_QuestionDraw11_Slide6_MultiChoice_0_0" (for example). Is there a way to have Storyline 2 report the actual question text?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Philip,

It'll depend on your LMS and what publishing options you've chosen. I've heard from users that they tend to have more success with SCORM 2004 vs. 1.2. What option are you using to publish the course? Have you also looked at testing it within SCORM Cloud which is an industry standard for testing SCORM content? You can review the article here on how to properly test the published output. 

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