Quiz questions attempts locked at 1

May 18, 2015

Hey guys....I'm building a quiz in Storyline 2 and the format of the quiz requires that the questions don't need to be answered in any particular order and you can freely navigate, but once you submit your final answers, the quiz is locked. That part I have, but my problem arises when someone wants to go back to a previous question to check their answer, and cant pick a new one because the question is locked down. This wouldnt be a problem if I could set the attempts to unlimited (once you go to the results slide you can't go back so unlimited attempts isn't a problem) but the drop down menu is grayed out and unclickable in 70% of the questions, so I can't change it. Anyone else see this problem?

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J.D. Allen

The replies on this thread do not seem to be responding  to the original question. 

That issue was "the question Attempts drop down menu is grayed out and unclickable on the question slides, so I can't change it."

I am having that problem now. But if i change the Feedback from NONE to "By question" or "By choice" then I CAN change the attempts. But I do not want any feedback on these questions. 

Any ideas? 

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, J.D.

I'm not sure I understand, from the learner's perspective, what their experience will be without feedback and more than one attempt allowed.

If I submit a response, I won't have feedback on whether I submitted the answer correctly, so why would I re-attempt the question?

Is the goal to give the users feedback at the end and then allow them to re-try the entire quiz instead?