Quiz questions not advancing if statement is false

Apr 07, 2016

Hi Everyone, I have an issue where my quiz questions (if false) are not advancing forward. Also if I have the option is set to where the user can take an extra pass at the answer it appear to let them however it will not let them select another answer. Nothing can be selected and the submit button only yields the same result which is the false result i.e. the slide stays on the false result.

I've tried importing my slides into a new template and I get the same results. The template is fine because I use it on all my other courses. 

I'm attaching a sample file for your review - if you would be so kind. 



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Maree

On Slide 1.3 which has one attempt, the incorrect feedback layer has  a 'try again' button... it should say Continue...however there is a hide this layer trigger but no jump to next slide trigger like there is on the correct feedback layer - that's why it's not advancing.



On slide 1.4 - which has 2 attempts. I got the answer incorrect, selected try again and was able to select another response and submit - not sure if I am misunderstanding the issue there.


Maree Eilman

Hi Wendy thank you for your help I really appreciate it. :)

For 1.3 how do i fix this behavior? How do I make this a Continue trigger? Is it as simple as inserting a jump to next slide trigger? 

For 1.4 - you are correct (on the multiple select) if you get the answer incorrect  the first time you get the opportunity to make a change however if you make a mistake the second time you can't advance forward.  I'm unable to even make a selection. How do I correct this behavior? 

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