Quiz questions within Storyline course

Aug 18, 2014


I want users to be able to review quiz questions therefore I( have set resume saved state to all questions. I have also set a variable to each question so that when users review the questions they once get the questions and not slides in between. Unfortunately if a user answers the questions and then goes previous to check previous slides but when they go forward again using the next buttons they cannot get past a quiz question as the next button is not active but is displayed.

If they had not answered the question the submit button would be active.

Is there a way round this or must I make all questions rest to initial state to allow users to navigate via previous / next buttons?

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Steve Bunting

Hi Rebecca

I am sorry I did not get back to you sooner. I have amended the file now as it was decided not to have a review option at the end of the quiz.

The project manager decided the correct answer should be displayed on the layer advising users they were right or wrong

I have amended the text in the default incorrect layer to state incorrect and amending each one to point out the correct answer.



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