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I have developed a quiz in Storyline with a question bank and quiz results slide, but the results are not reportable/showing up in the LMS after I take the quiz.  In fact, the quiz attempt won't even show up on a report.  I'm publishing as SCORM 2004, reporting Completed/Incomplete status, and tracking results using the quiz results slide.  The LMS is SuccessFactors.  Any thoughts on why the quiz results aren't reporting?



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Sam Hill

Hi Eric, have you tried your file out in SCORM Cloud to establish if it is tracking correctly in that environment? I would confirm this.

Also, I would use the developer tools in the browser (F12) to establish if there are any errors occurring in the console, especially with regards to the SCORM API.

Also, you could try switching debug on. Open up the scormdriver.js file and set the following variables to these values. You can then see if there are errors occurring with the SCORM comms.

var blnDebug = true;